Molde Matos

Est. 1968

Our focus are
our clients!

Making injection moulds since 1968, Molde Matos operates in the market as a business partner for the entire life. Our philosophy “ALWAYS BETTER” mixed with the highest technology and the highest quality standards in executing each operation, gives to our customers the guarantee of a tool with high quality.
Quality is much more than just a set of rules. It is above all an attitude of all the workers of the company. We have been overcoming all the obstacles, we grew up and today we can say that we are among the best and more skilled mould makers.

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Rua da Índia 17, Ordem
2430-370 Marinha Grande

Rua da Alemanha Lt. 35
Zona Industrial
2431-959 Marinha Grande
Tel. +351 244 572 323
Fax. +351 244 572 320

Estrada da Nazaré N.º2
2445-573 Moita-MGR
Tel. +351 244 574 470
Fax. +351 244 542 115

Rua da Alemanha, Lt. 6A
Zona Industrial
2430-028 Marinha Grande
Tel. +351 244 573 535
Fax. +351 244 573 536


Some of the fairs where we will be represented.